Milk & Honey

by juneberrystar

While at the Renegade Eliza and I stopped in for breakfast at the Alliance Bakery and stopped for lunch at Milk & Honey. Both places were absolutely amazing! I truly miss being around small businesses like this. Most of the time we have big chains in the suburbs and a few places scattered to the wind. It was so wonderful spending a day downtown in the sun and enjoying the last of summer.

I can’t even begin to describe to you how delicious the Earl Grey Ice Cream sandwich on lemon cookie was. It was spectacular! I have never had an ice cream sandwich this wonderful before. I would come back again just for the desert. (OMG) So yummy. Must try. If you don’t..more for me.

While at Alliance Bakery we also found something very strange…something I have never seen before and I would be interested to know if anyone else has. It’s called Boxed Water is Better. It’s the same as if you were drinking from a very tall milk carton. I recommend you try it if you come across one. It has all of these great facts on how their proceeds benefit the environment. It’s some of the best marketing I’ve seen in a while and the water was pretty good.