The Chevron

by juneberrystar

Earlier this week, I mentioned my new love of chevron. I have been really interested in this print because it reminds me of an abstract version of an arrow. While in college, I was in a sorority nicknamed the Arrows. Though at the time I was in love with this symbol it wasn’t till recently that I thought about how much I love arrows and feathers. Anyway, recently I have been reconnecting with this symbolism if you hadn’t already noticed. While I was at the Renegade Craft Fair I found a few things I really couldn’t live without.

This top knuckle ring from Thora Ford was by far my favorite purchase from that weekend. I barely can fee that I am wearing it. Which for me, is perfect. If I can’t feel it or its a perfect fit I’m going to wear it every day. She also had these amazing “Whatever” rings and pins. I should have gotten one but there was only so much in the budget for everything I wanted to get.

The artists shown above were at the craft fair but this gives you a sense of how people are using chevron in so many different creative ways. I just love it and can’t get enough of it. Something about the southwest feel that I just don’t get here in Chicago. The only artist who wasn’t at the Renegade was the earings at the bottom right hand corner. I have to admit these were the earrings that I bought a few months ago that truly started this whole obsession. I absolutely love them.

1. Sharp Shooter Pillows (top) 2. Pocket Curtain (middle left) 3. Leather Bracelet (middle right) 4. Clutch Organic Linen (bottom left) 5. Manu Militari(bottom right)

While I was there I bought this amazing blue cowl (shown below) from Thimblepress. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any images of their booth it was really cute. It’s really amazing and soft long cowl. They had this grey one I almost bought but after I made up my mind a lady behind me bought it instead. So I’m sure it went to a good home.