Parsian Heaven

by juneberrystar

Has anyone ever seen something like this before? Normally, I like to give you more visual options to what I am referring but these were the best images I could find on the Google. These are Baguette Boards. I came across the middle images on Pinterest last week and absolutely fell in love with them but I had no idea what they were. As you can see they are much more contemporary than the traditional french hand carved board on the left and the modern board on the right. It took me a while to figure out what they meant. I just think they are beautiful. I have no use for a baguette board but I don’t care. I love these nautical looking wood planks. There are different lengths. I didn’t read too closely on their purpose but I am assuming its mostly for serving. Very pretty.

1. Vintage French Baguette Board (far left) 2. Color Blocked Baguette Boards (middle images & bottom image) 3. Baguette Board (far right image)