the darkest, darkest days of my youth

by juneberrystar

I know this may sound silly but I have loved Les Mis since I was little. My mother loved show tunes and so I grew up listening to Andrew Loyd Weber, Michael Crawford, and Sarah Brightman. Of course this was written by Claude-Michel Schönberg not Andrew Loyd Weber but it was mixed in there with all of my mother’s other cds. Something about the dark ominous music, that life was not perfect, it is messy and sometimes offal was really comforting. It’s probably why I enjoyed “Phantom of the Opera” so much as a child as well. When you are little it’s rainbows and sun shine (which is great) but I had things to deal with when I was little and it wasn’t perfect. Most of the time it was messy and troublesome even though I was a pretty happy kid. Musicals like this helped me establish a base for the music I like today.

I’m really looking forward to the new movie musical. I think for a live recorded movie musical its going to be powerful and really well done. I actually really enjoy recent movies directed by Tom Hooper. He also directed the “King’s Speech.” Which I’ve watched now three or four times. When I was in high school I participated in the school’s band but senior year I volunteered for an adult choir after school with my best friend Jeff. We preformed Les Mis and I sang a solo for “Castle on a Cloud”. I won’t ever forget it. I practiced so hard for it and the first few seconds of my solo the mic cut out and no one could hear me. I kept singing but sadly my solo wasn’t very long. I love Les Miserables. I think this will be a really enjoyable movie and I look forward to it. I think you can already tell they have tried to capture what the musical is about by looking at the poster.