Its Bad 4 You

by juneberrystar

I’m not sure I will ever understand this genre of independence movies. I recently watched “Butter” and found it entertaining but no more entertaining than “Little Miss Sunshine“. I’m all about the indie films right now as I told you but the mundane life surrounding a very strange type of competition just isn’t for me. The one thing I think these movies have in common is that they are really well done. The writing the camera work and the story lines are all played out very well. So if you are interested in this type of movie maybe “Butter” is the movie for you and you should go see it. I just happened to watch it on itunes instead. The casting is spectacular and the plot is entertaining. I just find these movies a little stranger than I’m used to. I’ve been debating on watching the new Wes Anderson movie. Again, they are always a little too bizarre for me but you know its going to be well done and worth at least watching once. We’ll see.