for my Huckleberry friend

by juneberrystar

I have never been a church goer. I also rarely have a Sunday off. I really miss having Sundays to work on my work on my art but on the rare occasion I do have a Sunday off AND it’s raining I have a tradition of baking breakfast, knitting and curling up in the morning in perfect silence watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“. I absolutely love this movie but I truly will only watch it when I have a full Sunday off. I rarely will watch it during a week day. It’s my special movie and it makes me feel good. It’s hard to explain why. I just love her quirky out of sync behavior through the whole movie and I could just always relate to Holly.

Normally, I would prefer to watch such a classic in it’s original filming but looking back I kind of like the retro technicolor they did to the black and white film in the 60’s. Though I do think they would have been fine leaving well enough alone. It got me thinking about other rainy days so I thought I would share with you what I found.

I love stormy, dark, weather. Something about it really speaks to me. Its also probably one of the many reasons I love Seattle. It’s always raining despite the fact they don’t get storms like we do here in the Midwest. The crash of Thunder the strike of lighting. Its beautiful.

1. Home Fabric (first image) 2. Afternoon Rain (second image) 3. Summer Rain Cloud Stud Earrings (second row top left) 4. Cloud Earrings (second row bottom left) 5. Grey Rain Cloud with Gold Raindrops (second row far right) 6. Vintage Soviet Fairy Tale Illustration (third row far left) 7. Weather Jewelry (third row far right) 8. Grey Cloud Embroidery Hoop (fourth row far left) 9. Mini Rain Cloud Necklace (third row far right) 10. Rain Cloud Photo (bottom image)