Monthly Playlist: October

by juneberrystar

{my costume looked like this last year}

Back in July, my friend Eliza gave me a copy of her current playlist. I thought this was a really great idea. I only have a cd player in my car so having a CD was so nice but unfortunately my computer isn’t burning CD’s anymore. There was a period of time I was concerned that it would even work for movies so asking it to burn CD’s was too much. In late September, I subscribed to Spotify and its been wonderful. I had been hearing nice things about the website and finally decided to pay the monthly fee so I could have it on my phone. It has been amazing. I can’t even tell you how much new music I have come across. So when I get a chance I will share with you the July mix and September’s playlist but for now I have deemed this playlist below for October in anticipation for Halloween. Inspired by the release of the single “Let’s Boot and Rally” that he co-wrote, True Blood music supervisor Gary Calamar compiled some of his favorite songs that have been featured on True Blood so Far.