zebra sunshine / Daily Photo: something I wrote

by juneberrystar

Recently, I was introduced to a website called PicMonkey. It has been so helpful collaging images together when WordPress has failed me. The Gallery function on WordPress is not very impressive and I don’t know HTML to manipulate it myself. I love WordPress but I fear that my own limitations make it hard for me to customize the way I like. As far as what I have written for my Daily Photo it didn’t really make sense for me to write anything. My handwriting is atrocious and though I could have spent the time to spell something through photographs, sadly I ran out of time. This is a collection of images I put together a few days ago for my Facebook cover photo. The combination of relative colors and movement is interesting. To me it says something unique about me even if I didn’t write it. They are all found images I’ve come across the last few days.

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (far left) 3. Zebra Wallcovering (bottom middle) 4. Fire in the Night (far right)

Couple days ago, I spotted the above wallpaper on the Million Dollar Contractor television show on the DIY network and found out how insanely expensive it is. You can also spot it here in the Royal Tenenbaums. It could be really awkwardly chic. You never know. I’ve been hoping to find a zebra running scarf in a yellow to go with my wardrobe. I have found a few but haven’t quite committed to the idea. Maybe if it looked more like this wallpaper. More to come on that later.