10- vertige

by juneberrystar

I’m sorry I changed my mind from Saturday. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this movie I don’t even know where to begin it was so terrible. Firstly, the American (not English) dubbing over the French actors was horrible. Originally, named Vertige and then changed to High Lane for the American swill was so bad it was hard to follow. I think if they had just put some thought into the movie it could have been really good but it just starts with no real introduction to the characters they just start talking. The title sequence and panning of the area starts about ten minutes into the movie. Its about a group of friends climbing a mountain (some where completely vague) and the trail is obviously closed for safety reasons. They decide it’s a great idea and they should go anyway but then this massive cable bridge breaks and they are stuck on the mountain. (Which is fine by the way) So all they have to do is find a way home but then their safety lines start to break because the trail was closed and this man on top of the mountain tries to kill them for food. On top of everything the character dynamics was dreadful which one girl on this trip with her looser boy friend and her hot ex-boyfriend. I think really the main plot line wasn’t so bad if the movie was put together better and if they left it in French.