9- the craft

by juneberrystar

This is an oldy but a goody. I loved The Craft when I was growing up and they never seem to fail airing it during this time of year. So I must not be the only one. I think I loved it because to broke the norm of the average female character in a thriller type movie. Women during this time were always screaming and getting killed but this movie promoted the solidarity of woman as well as their strength/insanity. These four girls were crazy! It was amazing! I think this is just a fun movie even if it isn’t all the scary. The special effects during this time was still pretty limited so its kind of fun to see how they manipulate the different magical tricks they do even if they aren’t all that realistic. If you haven’t already you should check it out. It’s about witches in four high school girls that end up going a bit over board in their practices and get the better of themselves.