7- the mist

by juneberrystar

I always get The Mist and The Fog mixed up. Not that I don’t know which movie I’m watching once it starts but I always have a hard time referencing the story lines separately. When people ask I always say oh its either the light house or the grocery store…hehehe…. sorry Stephen King. To make matters worse I then get really nervous when I start watching either of these movies because I’m concerned it might be The Storm of the Century Miniseries and I will be stuck watching it for four plus hours by accident. I’m so bad. When you have watched as many thriller/horror movies as I have it’s really hard to keep them all straight. I’m actually not going to tell you anything about this movie. The best part of it is not knowing but since it is a movie I have watched with in the last couple days I wanted to at least recommend it for you fine people.