6- attack of the 50 foot woman

by juneberrystar

Sorry tonight’s post is a little off. I passed out early last night before I got to my WordPress….sigh… One of those weeks. So I am at a Starbucks posting from my iPhone in downtown Chicago. Wednesday night, I went over to the Jarvi’s and watched Hocus Pocus as well as Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. I was so looking forward to see what kind of effects this movie had and they were barely in the movie. The movie was made in (I believe) 1958. So I was hoping for some Godzilla kind of moments… There was hardly any. She didn’t even exact her revenge till the last ten minutes and then they killed her. Sad. She kept ranging from what we think was 20 feet at two stories and maybe 50 feet despite the fact she is at least 100 feet on the cover. This movie had some really amazing potential but it fell a little short of my expectations for a 1950’s horror movie.