2- the cabin in the woods

by juneberrystar

If you love horror and thriller movies I highly recommend watching this movie. It came out on DVD recently and the cabin in the woods is just amazing. There is a mixture of a true unpredictable horror movie mixed in with the stereo typical horror movie where you are yelling at the screen “DON’T READ THAT BOOK YOU IDIOT!” The one thing I didn’t expect was the bit of comedy through out the whole movie. It is a very Whedon movie and I really really really hope that he makes some more. I don’t have enough of his brilliance in my life. I think this movie had some really unexpected twists and turns. I’m looking forward to watching it a second time this evening on on-demand. Nice way to end our 13 Nights of Halloween. Tomorrow’s movie though spectacular it is more of a seaway from the hauntings to the holidays. I hope you have enjoyed my randomness and check out some of the better movies I talked about.