Approaching Holiday Havic

by juneberrystar

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around much. It has been so overwhelming at work with the holidays coming quickly I haven’t been able to make time for what I really love which is talking to you. Instead, I thought I might share with you what my friend Eliza has been doing. Amazingly, she has been able to keep up with her blog with these great holiday knit ideas. Today’s post was about cowls. If you need a quick project you should check out her suggestions here: You won’t regret it. After the new year I’m hoping to change some of the things that I will talk to you about. New images for Stop Motion Monday and for Wordless Wednesday but on the 22nd I’m also moving to a new apartment. So I’ll post pictures on how I plan to decorate and if you have any helpful tips and tricks be sure to share them. Thanks everyone and I will try and touch base soon!!