Into the trenches

by juneberrystar

What a long couple of weeks. I’m sorry I haven’t posted more but between work, my new workout program, and moving I haven’t had a lot of time for much of anything else other than just a bit of down time with friends. I need to start off by thanking my family and friends for working so hard to make my apartment feel like home. If it wasn’t for them all of my stuff would either be still at my parents or at the storage locker or even in the external hallway of my building. I special thank you to my sister Robin and her husband Carl. Without them this wouldn’t be possible. The first weekend I moved in they spent three nights helping me prepare the space for all of my stuff: paining, sealing the floors and helping me setup an Elfa closet in my bedroom. Also, my friend Eliza and her husband Jake have been so amazing at helping me organize since the big move. The apartment has taken so many turns and I can’t believe its still messy!! But it is totally getting there. I have included a slide show of the big move but there are a few pictures I have left out including (sadly) any picture with wall color. Its so beautiful I want to show you beginning, middle and end photos so please be patient and I will have them up soon. So much love again to my Parents and extended family for helping me move all my stuff to a six floor apartment. You are amazing.

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