New Years Resolutions

by juneberrystar


Happy New Year Everyone! I know this post is completely late but I meant to post it prior to the big move but that never happened. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday. For the beginning of the 2013 year I made two New Year’s Resolutions that I would like to share. The first I’ve already completed but most of you already know about is the big move into my own apartment post graduate school. I am so excited and its amazing apartment.

Karcher Artspace Lofts

There is still a lot to be done in the apartment as well as the closet at my parents house and organizing the storage unit a few miles away. Unfortunately, the storage unit will have to wait for some warmer weather but I am continually making progress on the apartment and as time goes on I will keep giving you updates.

Lose to Win

The Second New Year’s Resolution, was to live a healthier life style. My mother recently won a group workout program at the local hospital fitness center and gave it to me. So last week was my first group sessions and so far I’m loving it. Its a lot of hard work but just like the apartment it pays off and I hope to continue with my weight loss after the program ends in March.


The Third and Final Resolution, is to make and sell more items for my Etsy shop. Currently, I am selling a bunch of my knitting at Re-Invent Gallery and no longer have anything on my online shop. Eliza was so amazing at organizing all of my yarn that I can start stash busting projects. So excited! I am on my way at starting all of my New Years Resolutions so Wish me Luck!!