To the Mattresses!!

by juneberrystar

Hey Everyone. I know you have been anxiously waiting for more images. I’ve been hoping to hold off a bit sharing with you because I want to photograph the whole apartment but it is so messy I’m not ready to share everything quite yet. So I appreciate your patience. What I will be sharing with you today is the first stages of my bedroom. It’s still not finished but you get the idea of what I have intended with the bottom pictures. I will keep posting as I make changes and actually clear away some of the clutter as well but for now I hope you love the new paint color as I do.

So my sister’s husband, Carl, showed  me this amazing website Voice of Color by Pittsburgh Paints  to test paint colors on your walls via photos you upload. It was so vital when picking out colors and where to put them that I would recommend it to any new homeowner. I was never able to find Matt Interior Pittsburgh Paint in local stores but I took the color numbers to Menards and they matched them immediately. It all worked out. So below is the image I used to pick out the Jamaican Dream for the bedroom.  If you click the image it will take you to the website and you can see more digital images of how the bedroom could look.

paint colors

I thought for a brief time that I would paint the wall next to the closet but decided for now that we would just paint the main bedroom wall and go from there. Carl did all of the painting so when I say ‘I’ or ‘We’ I really mean him. ❤

When visualizing my bedroom I have been obsessively scouring Pinterest to find the perfect bedroom. Below are some the things I have found on various websites to help me decorate the bedroom. I would love to put some heavy cream curtains through out the whole apartment but one step at a time.

bedroom one

1.Source: Westelm Blog 2.Source: Pinterest via Design*Sponge 3.Source: Pinterest via Camilla Sörensen

I do have some French burlap sacks I’m hanging on the teal wall at some point this week!

bedroom two

1. Source: Westelm 2.Source: Pinterest via Erin Pate

3.Now unfortunately I lost the original link to this image but I found the Canvas Whale Species Wall Art on this website. I’m hoping to buy this soon and put it up on the wall beside my closet. Which leads me into the next section of images. When originally getting this apartment we realized that it has absolutely no storage so for Christmas my parents got me this Elfa closet from the Container Store. They were very helpful on designing the whole closet for me and had it ready to be picked up within an hour. I wanted to show you the inspiration for the whole room before you see the in progress images.


1.Source: Container Store 2.Source: Ikea Tree Leaf Bird Curtains

I do have the curtains already but they need to still be washed and then installed to hide my closet from the rest of my room. I’m so excited. Drum roll please AND please don’t be underwhelmed.

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