flea! flea! flea!

by juneberrystar


Liza and I went to the Lake County Antique & Flea Market. We had so much fun early Sunday morning as we walked around. I found some really amazing prizes as did she you can see here. I found three inexpensive point and shoot box cameras as well as a few presents which is really great but can’t mention here since the recipients might see it. The photos above are just of the Market and below is what I bought.


Below are some Stereotypes that I bought while I was there. I’ve started a small collection. I’m thinking I should do something with my favorites. I’m not quite sure what as of yet but maybe I’ll frame them. I love how odd they are. Someone spent time and money to make each of these and its bizarre how strange some of them can be. I actually found a whole box of WWI war Stereotypes and was completely wigged out with how many dead bodies were in them. Could you imagine going out of your way to make a 3D photograph of a corpse in the battle field? It was pretty strange.








I also, found some really interesting prints that I plan to hang tomorrow in my bathroom. I just thought the colors would go really well with my apartment. I have a hard time getting past some of the more phallic mushrooms but over all the prints are pretty dynamic.