FO: Kiss Kiss

by juneberrystar


FO: Kiss Kiss<–Ravelry Page

pattern: Rosebud by Jared Flood
yarn: Long Island Livestock   colorway: Windchime, Spinafor, Perner
needles: US size 6 & 8

I finally had a snow day last Tuesday. I have been waiting all winter to have a snow day. Granted I ended up doing a lot of work on both of my days off but I was able to do them from home. I went cross country skying and finished project pictures for this hat. I extended the brim line for my ears but the tam part of the hat is a bit bigger in width than I would have liked. I think I would have preferred casting on less stitches to extend the brim. I’ll keep that in mind for next time. You know what, I have always wanted to be able to capture the snow in this way. I only hope I can repeat the same idea with rain. It is so hard to get it to show up on camera.


ps- it’s Liza’s birthday today so go say hello on her blog.