Getting Settled

by juneberrystar


I can’t believe how fast and how slow winter has been going. I’m so ready for spring and yet only two months ago I was begging for some snow. Its kind of crazy. I know I owe you apartment pictures but I haven’t had a lot of time to clean it. I refuse to air pictures of a dirty apartment here so I pray to have some for you soon. It is beginning to feel like home. I feel like I am constantly trying to work hard towards getting it finished but there are so many little things it’s difficult to wrap my mind around each small task appropriately. I’ve started to meet some of my neighbors though and it is all I could hope for. Everyone I have met so far are very nice and very welcoming.

Every morning is something different at the apartment. I realized in the early morning I’m more into soaking in the experience than documenting it but it has been a real treat waking with an east facing window over the lake. Some morning there are huge waves, or large ice chunks and some mornings it’s just very peaceful. Easily, my favorite part of my new home.