by juneberrystar


(Left to right) 1. Owl Tattoo Source: pinterest via Tiffany Marie 2. Owl Ring Source: soradesigns 3. Great Horned Owl Illustration Source: annasee 4. Vintage Owl Door Knocker Source: PortugueseVintage 5. Caribou Antler Owl Feather Pendant Source: yukonRon 6. Owl Feather Leather Earrings Source: beadmask

Last week, I told you about my trip to the Green Belt in Waukegan, IL. It inspired me to do a post on owls. I have never come across a wild owl like that before and I thought I would put together something special in its honor. I never imagined how large a Great Horned Owl was till one passed ten feet in front of me.


7. Owl Print Souce: cookstah