spring is here!!!

by juneberrystar

spring cleaning

I’m so excited that it is finally spring!! But I can’t believe how cold it is outside. It’s ridiculous! I’ve started to campaign and do a bit of organizing. I can’t promise you that it is going well as of yet but it is the plan. I’m try to start with smaller things like: cleaning up the queue on my revelry page or clearing off my work desk in my apartment. Another example, is that I hung a series of calendars from friends and family this past Christmas. It is kind of fun have three or four different calendars up. I also hung two pendant lights above my kitchen island which are beautiful and very antique looking even though they are replicas.


Just trying to start with the little things so that my home and my computer are a bit more organized in the spirit of the new season. The next step to complete before my Easter weekend is to do my dishes, put my clothes away, make my bed, (maybe organize my desk) and definitely clean out my satchel.