Happy May Day!

by juneberrystar


So the Residents of Artspace have created their own Facebook Page. If you haven’t ready check it out at Karcher in the Raw: Where Creativity’s Way of Life. It is a community run Facebook page. So anyone who lives in the building can be made into an admin which in my book is pretty awesome. The third Saturday of every month is the Waukegan Artwauk run by the Waukegan Main Street. During the Artwauk this month we will be hosting a $20 Art Show where everything is, of course, $20. My neighbor Cara Dunning made this great flyer.


I haven’t decided what I am putting in the show yet but I am definitely going to come up with something. The printing is the easy part but I want to figure out a way to be able to include at least a simple mat with my images or foam board.

Now what you have all been waiting for: DON DONA!!! —–>>>>> more apartment pictures. Robin and Carl are coming this weekend to help me hang some artwork. So it was time to put up some progress photos.

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