the Pinterest Challenge

by juneberrystar

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 2.05.40 PM

I have been meaning to do the Pinterest Challenge ever since Liza told me about it this past winter. She made this great little hat that she found on Pinterest here is the post. So I have been debating on what I could do but with limited time and since she told me about the spring edition on Wednesday I had little time to accomplish a large scale project. Recently, I have been craving some deperate need for living creatures in my apartment….a puppy….or fish….maybe some plants.. 🙂 Anything that isn’t easily killable would be preferred. I’ve generally thought of myself as a brown thumb kind of gal but I’m going to give terrariums a second chance. I always see them on Pinterest especially this time of year. A few weeks ago I bought some hanging plant globes and plan to put them to good use. Here is my inspiration:


1. Far Left Side 2. Top Right 3. Bottom Right

My goal is to start making some larger versions of these or filling more antique looking jars around my apartment but for now this is what I have come up with:


All you need is some charcoal for the bottom of the planted succubus, potting soil to tuck them in and some rocks if you feel so inclined. These little glass balls I found at Michaels were too small to add rocks for drainage but when I make a bigger one I plan to put river rocks at the bottom, then charcoal, then potting soil.

The other two glass balls have hanging air plants in them. No soil required. Just spritz once a day with water and they are good to go.

It is so easy I wish I did it sooner.