The Open End

by juneberrystar

It has been over six months since my last post. There has been so much changing and evolving in my life it has been too much to keep up with. Some of it I can’t talk about, some of it I can but until I was ready I couldn’t keep up posting every day or every other day. “The Open End” is this idea I had about our lives. The world is constantly evolving into new pictures, new movements, new sounds that sometimes we don’t really notice their presence until they are so different that they make us pause and take note of its differences. I watched two movies today while working on a knitting project. Both very different and both very the same. There is this disconnect that we have from the present moment that happens so often that we feel they are so normal. For me, as most of my family and friends know, it is my iPhone. I do my best to not touch it when spending time with others but it happens. Sometimes its easier to stop and disconnect. The movies I mentioned are “Her” and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” I would watch these movies again. It was fascinating to watch as these characters evolved and changed without any real knowledge that they were doing it. I wonder if this is how life is and why we have taken on new year’s resolutions. To accept change by marking the passing of a year and reflecting on how we would like to change for the future. I would say I accomplished two of the three new year’s resolutions for 2013. In my book, where I never stick to new year’s resolutions, that is pretty amazing. There is only so much time that each of us has. Today I am going to get up and I am going to continue with what I set out to accomplish and by tomorrow I will start over and begin again.