Farmer’s Market & Pioneer Woman Saturday

by juneberrystar

LF Collage

The Lake Forest Farmer’s Market in downtown Lake Forest (by the train station) was really quite wonderful this morning. I had a rough evening missing mom last night but this morning I got up early, got my nails done, drank some coffee and stopped off at the Farmer’s Market. In truth, I completely forgot it was there. I NEVER have Saturdays off and in fact I have work later this afternoon but this morning I needed a change of pace. Ask and you shall receive. I did not take these photos but you get the idea.


I had such a nice time walking around with my Starbucks. It is a beautiful morning with barely any humidity. If you live in the Chicago area you would know just how humid it has been the last couple months. It is so nice to have a break from the wet, sticky atmosphere. At the farmer’s market, I bought corn and cantaloupe which turned out to be musk melon. Whoops. Which I’ve since learned is a cantaloupe but not the same one we normally eat. I also bought red potatoes from Lake Forest College that smell heavenly.


The print below was painted by Mark McMahon. He is a local, extraordinary, artist. I have had the pleasure of getting to know his oldest daughter Meryl, who went to the same college as myself. It gives you a nice idea of what downtown Lake Forest looks like and the kind of community I grew up in. He is opening a brand new artist studio for his whole family. Be sure to check it out later this month!

01^Lake Bluff Farmers Market New Green

Now I am finally relaxing at my Dad’s house watching Pioneer Woman make potato soup till I have to go to work. Happy Saturday.