by juneberrystar


I started watching Girls when Season 3 came out. I really couldn’t stand it the first time I watched it. There was something about the vapidness of the four girl friends that I really couldn’t stand but it really surprised me when I watched the next episode and then the next. Completely hooked I’ve watched all three seasons three times now. I don’t maybe I relate to the main character, Hannah, the more I get to know her or maybe their friendships remind me how complicated people can be.


The thing that impressed me was the dialog they were having about themselves, about their life style (though sometimes idyllic or despotic) and what it is to be a struggling twenty something looking for their voice. That is a topic I completely can relate to and what this blog is all about.


One other thing I found amazing, is that the actress who plays Hannah, Lena Dunham, created, stars and directs the whole series. I find her talent and voice very inspiring and very unapologetic. Which is very brave and beautiful. It is inspiring to see someone achieving what they strive out to do and I hope that will some day be me too.