Pinterest Success

by juneberrystar

It has almost been a full year since I last posted. I think after every New Year’s, I want and hope to spend more time doing this and it never seems to happen. I guess when it comes right down to it, I only want to talk about the things I’m really proud or excited about.

Two weeks ago we had a holiday party for one of my jobs. It was a wonderful party and such great company. I wanted to bring a chocolate cake. I recently got a Nordic Ware Christmas Tree cake pan for Christmas and I wanted to try it out. I have never been so disappointed in my baking skills in my life. The cake was delicious and decadent but stuck 100% to the pan. I have now since watched a many YouTube videos on what not to do: Don’t leave the cake in the pan for over an hour before trying to get it out or if you use PAM make sure it has flour in it and if you are making a chocolate cake use the cocoa powder someone gave you that you never thought in your right mind you would ever need. Turns out you do need it and you’re grateful to have it in your cupboard. So to say the least, I have not been inspired to post my most current failings.

These past two months I have been saving up money to pick up the quilt I finished sewing back in August of 2016. It didn’t take that long to make but mainly because I had the advice and help from a friend. Who patiently walked me through a lot of the issues I was having. Yesterday, I picked it up from the quilter. I am so excited its finally home and everything I could ever hope for. I have yet to finish the binding but it’s too pretty not to share. My inspiration came from a blog post I found on Pinterest by Astrid Slagle: Red Red Completely Red. She is a contemporary quilter who obviously blogs about her creations. I have wanted a Swiss Cross quilt for over a decade and when my friend Sarah offered to help I just had to make Astrid’s. Visually, I enjoy the restricted and ridged forms of a traditional Swiss Cross quilt. Each one can be so different with the same basic shapes. On Red Red Completely Red, she incorporated a variety of white/neutral fabrics for the background and the crosses were a traditional black. Her quilt had the same tone of traditionalism with a hint of contemporary minimalism with her own creative design.


Find more information and pictures HERE of Astrid’s original quilt design. hough her’s is very pretty, having now seen mine in person, I like it more than her’s. It’s exactly everything I had hoped for. So this is a Pinterest Success!

Additional Note: The top stitch quilting was done by Sally Evanshank at Windy City Quilting. She did a wonderful job putting the brick pattern design on the quilt. I originally wanted straight lines but because my sewing is uneven and none of the pieces are intentionally even, except inside each block, it was better to stagger the top sewing.