by juneberrystar

What is this? I’m really unsure how this is suppose to be good or healthy. I’m not one for emojis but -__- . Since I have been exercising more frequently, I don’t want to waste that good effort by eating poorly. I know they go hand in hand but I’m always hungry now which is not helpful. While at Heinen’s Grocery Store in Lake Bluff, I paused around the organic supplement section of the store, just past the vegetables *the actual healthy stuff. This isn’t a comment on Heinen’s marketing or business model because I have become fond of the new store that is conveniently on my way home and the fact there is a “healthy” section is pretty great. That said, I have no idea what this is. I have had little success in protein powders due to my lack of effort on the matter. I have a Nutribullet blender which has been wonderful but my breakfast needs more substance than yogurt and sugar. If I forget lunch, which is most days, I end up either buying something or binge eat at night time. I purchased a Kashi Organic Rise & Shine pouch, instead of investing the $50 on a tub of something I’m not sure what it tastes like. This is what I bought:

Kashi is a reputable healthy food option company but I do have a general expectation that when purchasing supplemental powder, there will be some weird flavor choices.

Our new Rise & Shine Vanilla™ Organic Breakfast Super Blend is a quick and easy way to fit well-rounded nutrition into your morning — no matter your routine. With the goodness of plant-based nutrition, including spinach, kale and dark berries, you can choose to mix this breakfast shake with your favorite milk, fruit or other smoothie ingredients.

This is what I got:

I put this green powder in my smoothie this morning and it took an additional cup of milk, honey and more yogurt than I ever need to flavor a smoothie. It had so much grit to it I had to add milk just to break down the texture. Once I added the other, not so healthy, things to my smoothie it was palatable but it is the most discussing looking drink I have ever had. Yum? I guess I’m not hungry (pun intended).