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Bedroom Mania

My lovely brother-in-law helped me paint my bedroom. I am so fortunate to have him in the family because I am not handy at all. I had this idea that it would be nice to do an accent wall with a dark purple brown. I’ve been decorating my condo in my mind for months now and put together a board of ideas and color schemes to keep me motivated (click here). The idea I ended up settling on was an all white room with this dark accent wall. Below, is a picture of the Pinterest idea (which I got here) and my final product. I am so happy with it.

bedroom copy

It’s my hope to actually construct some deer antlers by knitting them instead of having the real thing in my room. Haven’t decided yet.

Fourth of July

I had an amazing Fourth of July. My family got together for a reunion we do every five years. A lot of people showed up. We had a picnic out at a forest preserve in Northern Illinois. I got a lot of knitting done but also got to meet some family I’ve never met before. It was a lot of fun. I was in charge of making the invitations and I think I did a pretty good job.


I had tried to copy a few different designs but in the end I just had to make it up on my own. I used iDesign and bought a few fun holiday fonts to give it that hand written feel. Obviously, I’ve erased some of the personal information that was written on the back of the postcard.

We were also asked to bring a dish to pass. I had found a cute recipe for chocolate covered pretzels that I wanted to try (click here). Below, is the Pinterest idea and next to it is my final product. I they turned out better in person and they were so yummy! I made two bags worth of pretzels and still have chocolate left over.



There has been a lot of changes for 2015. I can’t believe we are already half way through the year. I recently moved into a condo a few towns away and I’m slowly starting to unpack. My family and friends have been a huge help with the moving process and getting settled in. Over the last week, I have been painting the 2nd Bedroom, in hopes to start unpacking my art supplies and use it as my studio. I found a really neat suggest on Pinterest (click here) and copied the effect with frog tape. Here is the original idea posted with the progression of my 2nd bedroom. Let me know what you think!

2nd Bedroom Collage 2



I started watching Girls when Season 3 came out. I really couldn’t stand it the first time I watched it. There was something about the vapidness of the four girl friends that I really couldn’t stand but it really surprised me when I watched the next episode and then the next. Completely hooked I’ve watched all three seasons three times now. I don’t maybe I relate to the main character, Hannah, the more I get to know her or maybe their friendships remind me how complicated people can be.


The thing that impressed me was the dialog they were having about themselves, about their life style (though sometimes idyllic or despotic) and what it is to be a struggling twenty something looking for their voice. That is a topic I completely can relate to and what this blog is all about.


One other thing I found amazing, is that the actress who plays Hannah, Lena Dunham, created, stars and directs the whole series. I find her talent and voice very inspiring and very unapologetic. Which is very brave and beautiful. It is inspiring to see someone achieving what they strive out to do and I hope that will some day be me too.



Books & Flowers

PicMonkey Collage

I had a surprising rough day today despite today. Early this morning I went to the Lake Forest Library Book Sale. I look forward to this ever year and I finally got in early to pick up the books I was interested in taking a look at. Below is the list of books I picked up:

  1. Moby Dick
  2. Treasure Island
  3. Of Mice and Men
  4. To Kill a Mockingbird
  5. The Call of the Wild and the White Fang
  6. The Sea Wolf
  7. The Last of the Mohicans
  8. Frankenstein
  9. Journey to the Center of the Earth
  10. Lord of the Flies
  11. 20 Leagues Under the Sea
  12. Animal Farm
  13. Walden and Civil Disobedience
  14. The Great Gatsby
  15. The Portable Jack Kerouac
  16. Swan’s Way
  17. Mrs. Dalloway
  18. The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery
  19. Lolita
  20. For Whom the Bell Tolls


I’m pretty excited but it is a hefty list. Not all of the Sci-Fi is for me but I’m pretty enthusiastic with everything I found for .50c – $2 per book. If you are in the area this weekend be sure to check it out. I’ve been going my whole life and it’s not something to miss. Afterwards, I walked through a garden for a few minutes and snapped this pretty photos.


Farmer’s Market & Pioneer Woman Saturday

LF Collage

The Lake Forest Farmer’s Market in downtown Lake Forest (by the train station) was really quite wonderful this morning. I had a rough evening missing mom last night but this morning I got up early, got my nails done, drank some coffee and stopped off at the Farmer’s Market. In truth, I completely forgot it was there. I NEVER have Saturdays off and in fact I have work later this afternoon but this morning I needed a change of pace. Ask and you shall receive. I did not take these photos but you get the idea.


I had such a nice time walking around with my Starbucks. It is a beautiful morning with barely any humidity. If you live in the Chicago area you would know just how humid it has been the last couple months. It is so nice to have a break from the wet, sticky atmosphere. At the farmer’s market, I bought corn and cantaloupe which turned out to be musk melon. Whoops. Which I’ve since learned is a cantaloupe but not the same one we normally eat. I also bought red potatoes from Lake Forest College that smell heavenly.


The print below was painted by Mark McMahon. He is a local, extraordinary, artist. I have had the pleasure of getting to know his oldest daughter Meryl, who went to the same college as myself. It gives you a nice idea of what downtown Lake Forest looks like and the kind of community I grew up in. He is opening a brand new artist studio for his whole family. Be sure to check it out later this month!

01^Lake Bluff Farmers Market New Green

Now I am finally relaxing at my Dad’s house watching Pioneer Woman make potato soup till I have to go to work. Happy Saturday.

Cooling of the Embers

You put your hand on top of mine,
You’re talking fast but talking blind,
And i cant bring myself to meet your eyes,
Cause death is slowly covering you and galaxies are black and blue,
And when under your skin all these colours bloom,
And you only have you like someone left,
A frail body and took the rest.

But i remember when you were strong,
And never wanted help from no one,
What you become is not who i remember,
Is this the cooling of the embers.

She’s back again through summers passed,
The smell of the rain and fleshly cut grass,
Seems those ordinary day are the ones that last,
Oh cause he was there, the one you loved,
The one you never could let go of,
And theres something you know as your looking now,
But you only have you like someone left,
A frail body and stole the rest.

But i remember when you were strong,
Never wanted help from no one,
What you become is not who i remember,
Is this the cooling of the embers.

Is this the cooling of the embers,
Cause you are not who i remember,
Its like you were a child, you were a child,
You were a child once more,
And all of our yesterdays have gone.

You put your hand on top of mine,
You’re talking fast but talking blind,
And I can’t bring myself to meet your eyes.



Wow it has been too long since I have posted but something about this young girl’s journey seemed a good place to start. If you haven’t seen “Maidentrip” then you need to if you enjoy self discovery or documentaries about travel. I guess explaining it as a documentary about travel is not the appropriate phrase. When I was younger I used to take a lot of trip like this with different organizations and there truly is nothing like it. I of course never took a two year long trip but I would love to. My sister has done some sailing trips and I desperately being on the water. I think I need to get back out there. It is some place I definitely belong. Check out this movie if you haven’t seen it. It is beautifully filmed mostly by Laura Dekker, the protagonist. It is a peaceful journey the audience takes with her around the world.


the beautiful & the ugly


It has been a long time that a movie should leave me with the same feeling as a book. That longing feeling of it being over, that you can’t ever relive something  over again for the first time. “The Book Thief” was one of those movies. Stunningly beautiful and ugly at the same time, the narrator would tell you. Death and life all twined in one large knot that has no rhyme or reason. If you are looking for something to touch your soul: I would recommend this movie to leave it’s presence on you. If the movie was this good I’m sure the book is a million times better.

the book thief


A friend of mine from Boston introduced me to this project SeeAmerica.com. The National Parks Conservation Association teamed up with The Creative Action Network to revitalize 1930’s “See America” National Parks posters. They are asking artists to submit work for their campaign to raise awareness for our National Parks system. I am assuming that it is due to the Government shut down earlier this year. It is my hope to submit the images below and help raise money for this amazing cause. When I was coming up with ideas to submit to their cause I really only thought of one thing “The Midwest”. We have so many State Parks but very few National Parks. I thought it would be nice to pay homage to some of these smaller less well known locations. Though these images are very nondescript they are very indicative of these different locations that I have come to know and love. I hope that National Parks Association will see that and having them available for purchase in a few days. #seeamerica

see america collage2

see america collage 1


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