by juneberrystar

I thought I would combine “Fruit” with part of a post today. I recently purchased Brooklyn Tweed Loft Yarn for Eliza, for her up coming birthday. We were thinking we might do a knit along where we use the same type of yarn for completely different projects. Eliza was thinking a sweater but I was thinking a shawl. Earlier today she showed me the “Striped Schieffelin Point Shawl” by knitter adipoo and pattern originally by Kate Gagnon Osborn.

Or I could make the “Sothia” by Robin Ulrich which is by far my favorite. Especially with the thick ribbing at the bottom and the row of lace in between.

The contrasting color with Brooklyn Tweed Loft “Sweatshirt” color I was thinking of using the “Button Jar” green. I think it might be cute and hip to use with the wonderful grey color I already own.

So really in a way. Fruit has now inspired one of my next projects.